Quick start

  1. Scroll down to "I want to make a guest transfer account"
  2. Put in your unid and password
  3. Send your colleague the guest username and password

What is this all about?

Sometimes one of CHPC's users needs to transfer large files with a colleague, and can't afford the delay of securing a uNID for their colleague. Other times, it's for a one-shot transfer.

That's where guest-transfer comes in. Anyone with a valid CHPC account can create an account for their colleague instantly, entirely on their own.

These accounts are only valid for a limited time and only have access to this one system, so there's no risk to anyone else.

This service isn't meant for all your file-sharing needs. If there's someone you're exchanging a lot of data with, over a prolonged period of time, please get them a unid and use the normal home directories. Everyone will be happier.

How to use guest-transfer

Once you have a guest-transfer account (or a CHPC account), usage is simple.

Things to be aware of

I want to make a guest-transfer account

People with CHPC accounts can create guest-transfer accounts for their colleagues. To do so, just fill out the form below.

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